Experience subterranean environments of unbelievable beauty during a personal guided tour of Kula Kai Caverns. Hawaiians used these thousand year-old lava tubes as resource caves for water collection and shelter from the sun, wind, and rain on their mauka-makai journeys.


Tours by Reservation Only

LIGHTED TRAIL TOUR    An easy walk on a lighted trail,

narrating the history, archaeology, geology and beauty of

lava tubes. This tour is at least one hour and is

suitable for everyone who can walk up and down stairs.  

Adults $28.00

Children (6-12) $18.00

Ages 5 and under Free 

Now available!

New lighted trail tour

This tour will feature cave geology and introduction to the 

early use of the cave for water and shelter resource.

The new trail has 75 stairs to entrance the cave and will feature 

a lantern walk for some of the tour. 

 Call 808-929-9725 for Reservations

               And Access Code                     

                                        Tours by Reservation OnlyTHE CRAWL   An extension of the Lighted Trail where we gear up with helmets, lights, knee pads and gloves, to crawl through a smooth braided passage with short tunnels and lava balls. Adults & Children $60.00


 Embark on a geological journey through a spellbinding labyrinth of unbelievable

beauty! Hike beyond the Lighted Trail with your guide,

equipped with helmets, lights, knee pads and gloves.

We provide the gear. Must be in reasonable physical condition.  

Adults $95.00

Children (8-12) $65.00


  This tour features cave geology as well an introduction to early use of the cave for water and shelter resource.

Be advised there are 75 stairs to enter the cave and a ladder used to exit the cave.

No gear is necessary for this lighted trail tour .Lanterns are used to exit the cave to add a little adventure.

Adults 34.00

Children 18.00